Solving The Digital Channel Dilemma

Consumer demand for convenience and personalization is greater than ever, and the ways customers interact with restaurants is rapidly changing. As more and more orders are digitally initiated, restaurants have more opportunities to get in front of customers via digital channels like Facebook, Google, Amazon Alexa, Yelp… but how can you make sure these digital channels are worth the investment? Leading brands are using their loyalty program and rewards to motivate customer behavior and build their own leverage to manage these digital channels. Watch this video where our CEO, Seth Priebatsch, explains the three steps any restaurant brand should be taking to optimize their presence on digital channels.

We are thrilled to be working with LevelUp as we build our digital presence and give guests new ordering options. Having the added visibility on so many digital channels is a no-brainer for our customer acquisition strategy.

Joshua Churnick,  Director of Marketing at Mama Fu's